Stop Staining!

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How can I treat and prevent tear stains on my dog?

Stop Staining!

Is your once pristine-looking Shih tzu looking a little grimy? Tear staining is a condition that dogs with a lot of hair suffer. The condition has many causes so discuss them with your vet. There are antibiotics available that can help the situation. In addition, here are some tips you can use to remove and eliminate tear stains on your pooch:

• Use only distilled or filtered water.
• Put an air purifier in the room with the animal.
• Make sure there is proper ventilation (open windows, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, etc.)
• Make sure your dog has adequate sun exposure.
• Have your dog groomed regularly and keep the hair away from his eyes.
• Keep his environment clean.
• Change the filters in your air conditioning and heating systems regularly.



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