Protect Your Puppy

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How can I protect my puppy from heartworm disease?

Protect Your Puppy

PetCareRX Tip: Do you know where heartworms come from? The secret is out, mosquitoes pass heartworm larvae onto our pets. The best way to protect your pet is to place him on a heartworm prevention medication, like Interceptor. Additionally, however, you can take some extra steps to protect your special furry friend—especially if he is too young to be put on heartworm medication. Here are some helpful hints:

• Bring your puppy to the vet regularly.
• Do not leave an untreated puppy outdoors for prolonged periods of time.
• Take care to rid outdoor areas where your puppy will be from standing rainwater—these places are mosquito breeding grounds.
• Keep your puppy away from ponds, lakes, and other areas where mosquitoes might be prevalent.



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