Is Your Puppy Worm Free?

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How can I tell if my puppy has worms?

Is Your Puppy Worm Free?

Your cute new puppy is rambunctious and playful as ever—there's no way he could have worms, right? Wrong! Almost every puppy is infected with internal worm parasites that they acquire while still in their mother's uterus (they contract the parasites from their mother's milk).

Roundworms are among the more common intestinal parasites found in dogs (particularly puppies). Roundworms are long, white worms that look a lot like spaghetti. They can reach lengths up to 4 inches and even cause vomiting and diarrhea in some cases. How can you tell if your puppy is infested with these disgusting parasites? They may develop a pot belly and dull coat and may experience weight loss. Deworming puppies is essential for their health.



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