IsYour Dog Scooting?

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Can my dog get whipworms?

IsYour Dog Scooting?

Does your dog have whipworms? These parasites are virtually invisible and can only be seen under a microscope. Whipworms can cause diarrhea and anemia in some cases. One of the main signs that your dog is infected, however, is scooting. If you see your pet scooting or dragging his rear end along the ground, there's a fair chance he may be infected with whipworms.

Is your dog at risk? Puppies that are kept in dirty environments and dogs who reside in warmer climates are a lot more likely to get whipworms than other dogs. And, to make matters worse, if an infected animal sheds whipworm eggs on grass, the eggs can remain infectious for over a year—even through the cold.



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