What's in That Stuff?

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What are the active ingredients in deworming products?

What's in That Stuff?

PetCareRX Tip: We all know that deworming cats is important, however, what type of medication should be used? There are several deworming products out there that are effective. Some are prescription while others can be purchased over the counter. Numerous flea control and/or heartworm preventatives can be used monthly to keep animals worm-free. So, what's in that stuff anyway? Here is a list of often-used active ingredients:

• Febantel—an active ingredient in Drontal and Drontal Plus
• Pyrantel pamoate—an active ingredient in Strongid, Nemex, and Heartgard Plus
• Piperazine—an active ingredient in many over the counter products
• Fenbendazole—an active ingredient in Panacur
• Selamectin—an active ingredient in Revolution



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