Protect Your Unborn Pups

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How can I prevent unborn puppies from contracting hookworms?

Protect Your Unborn Pups

Hookworms are comparable to vampires — they suck the blood from the puppy, and puppies infected with hookworms are at a high risk of death.

Puppies need red blood cells for growth, but they can bleed to death by hookworms. Is there a way to prevent puppies from contracting hookworms before they are born? Yes, there is.

Deworming dogs that are pregnant everyday throughout the second half of pregnancy and through the nursing period can help prevent infection. Deworming a pregnant dog one time will not protect the litter. Although a unique protocol using Fenbendazole (Panacur ®) has been proven effective in avoiding both the spread of roundworms and hookworms to puppies.

*Talk to your dog's vet about different treatment options if you are planning on breeding your dog.



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