A Healthy Kitty is a Happy Kitty

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What does my cat need to be healthy?

A Healthy Kitty is a Happy Kitty

PetCareRX Tip: Vitamins and minerals are extremely important to your cat's overall well-being and health. Calcium and phosphorus, which make up part of the bone, sodium (an important part of the of the enzyme system), and iron (a major component of hemoglobin), are just some of the many necessary vitamins and minerals that your kitty needs for optimal health and nutrition.

By investing the little time that it takes to ensure that Fluffy is getting what she needs you can prolong her life and help her to live more happily and healthily. Take the time to help your cat to feel good on the inside and maintain a shiny, healthy coat on the outside. If your feline shows signs of malnutrition or malnourishment, talk to your veterinarian about cat supplements.



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