Topical Skin Disorders in Pets

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What can I do about my pet's topical skin disorder?

Topical Skin Disorders in Pets

Is Fido beginning to feel more like a lizard than a dog? Scaly, dry skin is an unfortunate condition that many dogs suffer from. Topical skin disorders can be uncomfortable or even painful for your furry friend so be on the lookout for signs that your dog is suffering from one. Some symptoms include:

• Dry, scaly skin
• Red, inflamed skin
• Blisters, bumps or pustules
• Sparse or patchy coats
• Flaking skin
• Constant biting, scratching, or rubbing of the skin

If you notice any of these signs, contact your vet immediately to discuss treatment options. One excellent option includes natural homeopathics that you can have delivered directly to your doorstep.



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