Air Repair for Fido

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How can I tell if my dog has a respiratory problem?

Air Repair for Fido

Let's face it, Fido isn't always able to tell you exactly how he feels—it's up to you to notice the sickly signs.

Symptoms of pet respiratory problems include: rapid or shallow breathing, fatigue, snoring, and basic symptoms of allergies, like runny nose and eyes or sneezing and runny eyes. Want to know the best way to make your pet feel more comfortable? Try cleaning the air in your home! Invest in an air purifier and dust regularly. Additionally, have your pet groomed often to reduce dander.

If grooming your pet and purifying the air doesn't do the trick, your pet might suffer from a more serious condition. If this is the case, bring your animal to the vet immediately to discuss treatment options. Pet respiratory medications can be expensive but here's a secret - you can save at online discounters if your vet faxes a prescription.



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