Even Our Pets Get Boo-Boos!

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How should I tend to an animal's wound?

Even Our Pets Get Boo-Boos!

We all get boo-boos, even our furry friends. And, just as you would clean and treat a child's wound or laceration, you should also tend to your pet's.

If you notice a wound on your animal, clean it immediately with mild soap and water. Then, sterilize the area with hydrogen peroxide. Apply a triple antibiotic ointment to the area twice daily until it heals completely.

If your dog has a deep laceration, is bleeding profusely, or has a smaller wound that won't heal, see a veterinarian immediately. It may be necessary that your dog receive veterinary antibiotics in order to recover.



1/20/2008 7:59:22 PM
ray watkins said:

if my cat got earmits and human antibactio was put on it will it harm the cat in a bad way


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