Is Fido Looking Teary-Eyed?

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Why is my dog crying?

Is Fido Looking Teary-Eyed?

Do you often find that your pooch is teary-eyed? As much as you want to believe that your pet has human-like characteristics, you can count out the theory that he's been sobbing over his last viewing of “Old Yeller” or that swat you gave him on the tush. There's a good chance, however, that he is suffering from epiphora.

Epiphora is the excessive tearing or watering of the eyes. Commonly, this condition will stain the fur beneath the eyes causing a dirty, dingy appearance. Dog eye care is a serious matter and a problem like this should be looked into before it worsens—in other words, take your pet to the vet IMMEDIATELY.



10/14/2007 5:15:26 PM
casper said:

hmm..after reading this, maybe i should take casper to the vet. he's been having these teary eyes since i got him. his over a year old now and it's just getting worse i would say. it doesn't really matter how often i wipe them, there is brown stain on the under part of his eye. he has white hair :(


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