Clean That Kitty's Eyes

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What should I do before putting medication in my cat's eyes?

Clean That Kitty's Eyes

So, your kitty has been diagnosed with an eye condition and your vet prescribed the proper medication, but you're not familiar with the proper pet care. What should you do? The first thing you should do is clean your kitty's eyes thoroughly before putting any type of medication into them. Clean the eyelids first by wiping them with diluted baby shampoo (20 parts water, 1 part shampoo) and a moistened cotton ball. When the eyes are thoroughly cleaned, wash away the shampoo with a moistened cotton ball.

If your poor kitty has discharge inside of her lids or even on the eye itself, remove it by putting a few drops of saline solution (like the kind used for contact lenses) into the eye. Then, use a tissue to remove the discharges from the corner of the eye.



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