Ointments Can be Tricky

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How do I apply ointment to my dog's eyes?

Ointments Can be Tricky

If you're beloved furry friend has an eye problem, proper dog eye care is essential. There are a number of medications that your vet might prescribe, many of which come in ointment form. The proper way to apply the ointment can be tricky, however.

When applying ointment, don't overdo it! You should only apply a small amount; excessive amounts of ointment is likely to irritate the animal's eye. Apply the ointment either to the white of the eye or the inner corner of the eye. Next, rub the eyelid over the eye gently in a way that will evenly distribute the medication over the eye. It may be helpful to have someone help you hold the dog still. If you are alone, however, try resting your hand on the dog's forehead to keep yourself steady.



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