A-Salt Those Fleas!

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How can I keep fleas away?

A-Salt Those Fleas!

PetCareRX Tip: Want to know a secret? Fleas hate salt! Aside from putting your furry little friends on effective flea and tick prevention medications like Frontline Plus, protect your home from the critters. Sprinkle salt all around your home as well as your dog's home to keep fleas away. And, don't forget to put some salt inside of your dog's house or around his favorite bed or blanket.

*For some added protection, bathe your dog in salty water and allow it to soak into his coat. You will definitely notice a drastic decrease in the amount of fleas.



9/17/2006 3:38:29 PM
cheryl said:

never tried this but i am going to be sure to do so


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