Beware of Wooded Areas

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How can I avoid Lyme disease?

Beware of Wooded Areas

PetCareRX Tip: Lyme disease is not something that should be taken lightly—it can be deadly. The most common way that dogs contract this disease is through ticks thus; protecting your beloved pet from these disgusting parasites can be beneficial to his health.

Ticks are especially rampant in grassy or wooded areas so try to keep your animal clear of such places. However, if you live in a heavily wooded area it is essential that you keep your pet on a flea and tick medication like Frontline Plus Flea Killer for dogs. Even if your dog is on a flea & tick medication, you should always thoroughly inspect your dog's coat and skin carefully after he's been outdoors. Look especially closely in and around the ears, as well as the head and neck, and in crevices (like between the toes).



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