Ease Your Dog's Pain

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What can Arthogen do for my dog?

Ease Your Dog's Pain

PetCareRX Tip: Regardless of species, joint problems are something that we all may face with age and your dog is no exception. As a result, Arthogen for dogs was created specifically with the long term care of your four-legged friend in mind. As they mature, joint problems become more prominent in thousands of dogs. Joints are battered with time. Giving your dog Glucosamine and Chondroitin, however, can help decelerate the enzymes that destroy the cartilage around the joints.

As always, arthritis is a concern of many animal owners. Regardless of size, all pets are at risk. The good news, however, is that Arthogen formula will help reduce risks. Arthogen has a patent pending on this medication and it is believed that this formula will be a turning point in the treatment and prevention of arthritis and joint pain. Talk to your vet about what this drug can do for your beloved pet.



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