Be Attentive to Fido's Needs

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What will my dog need after a surgery?

Be Attentive to Fido's Needs

PetCareRX Tip: Arthritis can be an extremely painful condition for your animal and sometimes the best solution is surgery. The problem is, however, that with surgery also comes pain. The severity and type of surgical pain differs greatly by case, but if left untreated, surgical pain can become excruciating the next day. Your veterinarian will begin dispensing pain medication a couple hours prior to surgery. Giving your dog ahead of time will ensure that your furry friend will be comfortable during and immediately after the procedure. In the days to follow, however, your dog's comfort will be in your hands. Your vet will likely prescribe a pain medications such as Rimadyl to be administered to your dog. Aside from giving him the medication, however, here are a few other things you should do:

• Keep him calm (it's a good idea to keep him away from children and any other pets for at least a day).
• Keep him in a comfortable place—in his bed or on some pillows.
• Check the incisions daily and be on the lookout for discharge, bleeding, swelling, reopening, or redness. Contact the vet immediately if you spot any of these symptoms.
• Do not allow your dog to scratch, bite, or lick the area (a large plastic collar is a good idea).
• Continue to administer the pain medication in accordance to the vet's instructions.

Talk to your vet ahead of time about pain medications that your pet will need post surgery.



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