Killed or Modified-live Vaccines

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Which type of pet vaccines are more effective, killed or modified-live vaccines?

Killed or Modified-live Vaccines

All pet vaccines display both strengths and weaknesses. Modified-live vaccines give longer-lasting, stronger protection, often over a quicker period of time. Additionally, they cost less and require minimal dosage. On the downside, they have the potential to become active and trigger disease, especially in an animal with a weak immune system. Careful handling and storage of the vaccine before and after use is essential in preventing the breakdown of the active ingredients.

Killed vaccines cannot become virulent and are far less likely to affect the immune system. In addition, they remain stable while being stored. However, it is more likely that Killed vaccines will trigger allergic reactions. Plus, they must be administered more frequently.

*Discuss your options with your vet and choose the vaccinations that are right for your dog.



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