Does Your Pooch Have the Blues?

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How can I treat my dog's depression?

Does Your Pooch Have the Blues?

Has your furry friend lost his pep or spark? Just like humans, animals can suffer from mental conditions like depression. Pay attention to pet behavior. Have you noticed that your dog has lost his playful energy? Does he refuse to eat? Has he become anti-social? Is he moping or hiding? If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your vet at once.

Doxepin, an antidepressant (mood elevator), can be quite effective in treating depression in animals. This drug is used to treat both depression and anxiety. In addition, it can also be used to treat chronic pain, peptic ulcer disease, and some skin conditions



3/27/2007 9:48:23 AM
katherine coons said:

we bought a newfoundland puppy from a top notch breeder in WA state. "Blue" is two years old and was diagnosed with pano early in her first months of growth which resulted in limping and painful situations while walking and getting up. currently, i take her for walks every day and she seems to respond well to these walks and looks forward t these outings....but, Blue often exhibits strange behaviors. for instance, we had a dinner party of ten at our home the other night and later on in the evening, she went into our bedroom and slept. i thought that odd. she is friendly with almost everyone, eats well and has a healthy appetite, and i try to socialize her with dogs whenever possible. we live in Anchorage, Alaska and it is in a remote part of the world. Blue hangs outside on a long tether, loves the snow and watches the joggers and the people who pass by. Blue is very scared of small children though (and we don't have children, it is just the two of us), and she will not walk through entry ways of homes or places. we have to drag her into the vet's office and in through the front door. she seems to mope a bit at home, whines at times, and i wonder often if she is depressed or simply bored. i often wonder if she is still in pain from her "pano history" or has painful joints that results in her odd behavior. she is a sweet adoring dog; we love her very much and try spend qaulity time with her whenever possible. also, i have a schedule which allows me good time at our home. often, i take her to school with me and she waits for me in the truck. Blue gets several hugs and is receptive to these hugs but she will not let us pet her on top of her lower back - she almost squats down to resist this type of petting. she gets big soup bones once a month (which she loves) and she does exhibit play behavior with her toys, but i am convinced that something else is going on with her. we have termed her as "our special needs" dog......she is unique, indeed! and perhaps that is all she is....
thank you for listening and if you have any input on this matter, please advise.


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