What, Exactly, is Pet Asthma?

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What causes pet asthma?

What, Exactly, is Pet Asthma?

Obstructive and allergic lung diseases often affect dogs. The conditions are often referred to as “asthma,” “bronchitis,” or “bronchial asthma.” These ailments are not detected easily and likely represent a wide range of lung disorders. They do, however, share a common finding of over-reactive airways.

The allergic agents are generally direct irritants to the airways or objects that are likely to induce allergic reactions within the respiratory tract. Regardless of cause, the after-effects are always similar :

• Muscle spasms in the bronchi
• Mucus Build-up
• Accumulation of cellular material

Discuss with you vet your dog's options for pet respiratory medications that can provide him with some relief.



1/26/2008 7:27:28 PM
unknown said:

how can you tell with out visiting a vet for thier breathing problems. Sometimes I don't have enough time to take her to the vet or the appointment is when I can't take her because of work. Please help me.


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