Know the Signs

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How can I tell if my dog is suffering from arthritis?

Know the Signs

Is your pooch in pain? Sometimes it's hard to make the distinction between normal aging and the existence of arthritis. If your dog does have arthritis, however, it will worsen without proper treatment. Your dog cannot tell you how he feels so he's counting on you to take notice and take care of him. How can you detect arthritis? Here are some typical tell-tale signs:

• Excessive stiffness in the morning (especially if the dog becomes more active later in the day)
• Reluctance to exercise (arthritis causes pain in the joints and dogs are less likely to move around and more likely to lie around).
• Reluctance to use stairs
• Reluctance to jump up into a vehicle
• Decrease in appetite
• Reluctance to go outside—dog may become stubborn

If you notice any of these things haul your dog to the vet immediately.



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