Does Spot Have Separation Anxiety?

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How can I treat an animal with seperation anxiety?

Does Spot Have Separation Anxiety?

Does your dog go into frenzy or a depression when you leave the house? Let's face it, our pets enjoy our company and don't want to be left alone. As a result, a dog that is left home alone often is at the risk of developing behavior problems. Some of these problems include:

• Barking or howling incessantly
• Chewing and biting furniture and objects
• Using the restroom in the house
• Moping

What can you do to better the situation? Talk to your vet about treatment options. Clomicalm Tablets have been proven to be quite effective in treating this condition. In fact, this is the only medication that has been approved to treat separation anxiety in dogs. This drug makes it easier for your pooch to abandon negative behaviors and deposit new, positive ones.



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