Be on the Lookout for Pet Heart Diseases

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What are symptoms of pet heart disease?

Be on the Lookout for Pet Heart Diseases

Does your dog have a heart condition? In early stages, signs of heart disease can be mild and undetectable. However, once the disease begins to progress, the symptoms will become more severe. When fluid builds up and vitals organs are not supplied with blood and oxygen, the disease will become symptomatic. Symptoms include:

• Depression and/or lack of energy
• Poor appetite
• Coughing
• Weakness
• Weight Loss
• Labored breathing
• Fainting
• Swollen abdomen (ascites)

If you notice any of these symptoms, bring Fido in to see a vet at once! It's better to be safe than sorry. If it does turn out that your dog has a heart disease there are numerous effective pet heart meds available.



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