Does Your Dog Have DCM?

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Is my dog likely to develop DCM?

Does Your Dog Have DCM?

What is DCM? DCM, or Dilated Cardiomyopathy, is a canine disease of the heart muscle. Although DCM can be linked to certain nutritional deficiencies, in many cases the origin of the disease is unknown. Some theories, however, include viral infections, amino acid deficiencies, genetic factors, and exposure to chemical toxins.

Is your dog at a higher risk of developing DCM? The disease tends to most often affect older (middle-aged) male dogs. Additionally, the disease is much more common in medium to larger breeds of dogs rather than smaller ones. Certain breeds are more susceptible to DCM than others. These breeds include:

• German Shepherds
• Dobermans
• Boxers
• Cocker and Springer Spaniels
• St. Bernards
• Irish Setters
• Irish Wolfhounds

If your dog is at a higher risk, take care to have him tested regularly. There are many great pet cardiovascular medications on the market. And, the earlier the detection and treatment, the better.



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