Garlic Repels Fleas

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Does garlic really repel fleas?

Garlic Repels Fleas

Does garlic really repel fleas? Yes, although to make sure your pet is completely protected you should use a flea medication, too. Though it has not been the result of a formal medical study, fleas dislike the taste of both garlic and yeast. A simple way to save money on pet medication is to mix in a little garlic and yeast powder with your pet's food. Doing so will make your pet unattractive to fleas, saving you the money that you would have spent on flea medication.



2/27/2007 8:34:50 PM
freefleabuffet said:

Hey, I was just thinking if I eat garlic or take garlic pills will the little buggers stop biting me? I am willing try absolutely anything, my cat has Advantage on him so I guess I am more appealing if not down right tastier. Oh and I forget about yeast...that's it...garlic and beer, no wonder they don't bite my husband! I think I will throw a Bud into the mix too. I will get you informed. Wish me luck!!


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